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Goshen Church of God offers something for every age.  From Senior to Newborn.  We offer Nursery service for children 3 years and younger.  Children's Sunday school and Impact children's and youth service. Join the IMPACT Ministry and follow via Instagram at:  We also offer bible studies for both men and women and opportunities to fellowship and engage in service work.  

Impact Student Ministry

Impact Student Ministries is a place where the youth of today can come and be accepted. We understand the challenges associated with raising teens to be unshakable in their Christian values. That is why Impact Student Ministries exists. We have created an atmosphere, that empowers students to live unashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Music Sheets
Women's Ministry

Women’s Ministry exists to lead women in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. We are friends: old friends making new friends, always allowing the circle to grow wider. We are sisters: accepting one another and challenging each other to grow in our faith. We are image-bearers: like Father, like daughter, we take Christ in us to our community, revealing His love and grace to a broken world. We hope you’ll join us as we grow in our relationship with Jesus together. You can join us Tuesday at 9:30am for bible study and prayer time.  And Wednesday Ladies Bible study at 7pm.

Senior's Ministry-
J.O.Y. (Just Older Youth)

If you are age 50 and up, we want you to know that we honor you! Our society calls your aged group “seniors” now… we believe that is because you are the top of the class! Yes, you have seen a lot of life already… maybe you have retired from your career, raised your kids, and now perhaps you are a grandparent! You’ve seen your share of Presidents, hair styles, and clothing fashion changes. Everyone around you knows that you have a heart full of joy and lot of fun times ahead. You are still a youth at heart… you are “Just Older Youth” --- J.O.Y. Group usually can be found on the first Monday of the month having a 12:30 pm lunch together at The Cracker Barrel on the Milford Parkway. P.S. We also have been known to go on a field trip or two during the year. 

Impact Children's Ministry

Children’s Ministry is a priority here at Goshen Church of God. Impact Kid’s Church is where your children will experience the presence of God in a powerful way on their level. They will not leave disappointed.  This is a high-energy, multi-media experience.  Every Sunday is filled with praise & worship, exciting and challenging bible lessons, games, illustrations, bible trivia, prizes, and a whole lot more.

Music Ministry

The Music and Media Ministry at Goshen Church of God offers a variety of opportunities for church members and regular attenders interested in using their experience and talents to serve the Lord. Our goal is to effectively minister unto the Lord and to the spiritual needs of our congregation, community and throughout the world through anointed singing, musical accompaniment, audio/visual media and to provide an outlet for individuals to exercise their talents and abilities through these areas. Our vision is to see lives changed in the presence of God.

Men's Ministry - Brother's in Christ

The goal of the Men’s Ministry of Goshen Church of God is to provide strong leadership – to lead men into prayer, wisdom, and support of other men. It’s about the spiritual mature men teaching those that are beginning their walk with Christ. Men that are going through tough times and situations are able to turn to seasoned, prayerful men for support. We are about bearing each other’s burdens and being there for one another. You can join us Thursday at 7pm for a men’s bible study in the back building behind the Impact Student Center.

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